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One For The Murphys
by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

A book about a girl that is a foster child to a family called the Murphy's. She has a lot of difficulty in the beginning but then she starts to bond with the family.

by Gordon Korman

A book about a boy named Chase who fell off the roof. He has no memory of his past. Some kids think he is great. Some kids are frightened of him.

The Ruins Of Gorlan
by John Flanagan

This book was not my favorite; it simply did not apply to me at all and did not seem to have too much of a plot.

Stolen Child
by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

This book was a little bit too easy for me but overall I liked the author's way of including flashbacks in the protagonist's life.

by Gordon Korman

A book about a boy named Chase that falls off a roof. He has forgotten everything with the fall. He now has a chance to be a better person.

One For The Murphys
by Linda Mullaly Hunt

Carlie is the girl that is taken in to the foster family and shares her toys with her foster brothers.

It Ain't So Awful Falafel
by Firoozeh Dumas

This book was amazing! It was very relatable and I could totally sympathize with the main character. I definitely recommend this book!

by Andrew D Blechman

How pigeons can be great companions. The pigeons are considered by some as rats with wings.

by Andrew d blechman

A book about pigeons through the streets of New York City. Some people consider them rats with wings.

The wild ones
by Alexander London

The animals trying to protect the city from the coyote trying to kill them.

by Gail Carson Levine

Kezi and Olus are two people that have to go through many obstacles to stay together.

I totally funniest
by James Patterson

Jamie is the finalist in the competition and he had the funniest jokes.

The wild ones
by Alexander London

The book is about wild city animals.

Roller Girl
by Victoria Jamieson

Roller Girl was a book that was made to inspire people. It is about a girl who follows her dream of becoming a roller skater. She makes a few friendships along the way... but has to establish which ones will stay. Roller Girl was a good book and I would recommend reading it.

Dogman Brawl Of The Wild
by Dav Pilkey

I feel bad for Dogman because he is sent to the pound for a crime he didn't commit.
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