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Dragon Rider
by Cornilia Funke

THIS book is really interesting I read to my sister with my grandma! I recommend it for children 8+Or younger if they are a good reader of course people can read it to them:) It’s amazing how descriptive it is and allows you to use your imagination:)

by Gordon Korman

This book is about a boy named Chase Ambrose and he gets amnesia and forgets everything about himself. Before, he was a bully to most of his school and people had to move to different schools because of him. He gets a chance to restart and make new friendships with the people at his school.

How To Disappear
by sharon huss roat

I give this book 5 stars because it shows how people aren't always alone in situations. That people are going through the same thing. This girl Vicky's best and only friend moves away so she makes herself an instagram and photoshops herself into photos and her fan base grows every night.

Crispin The Cross Of Lead
by Avi

Crispin is about a boy who runs away from his village because he was declared wolf head by john Accliff. Wolf head is when anyone can kill you and not get in trouble because of an act you have commited. He meets a guy named bear who eventually becomes a "father" to him because he never had a father growing up; he was supposedly taken by the black death.

Everything Everything
by Nicola Yoon

Everything Everything is about a girl whose mother told her that she couldn't go outside because she had severe combined immunodeficiency and would die if she went outside. Turns out she didn't have SCID.

How To Disappear
by Sharon Huss Roat

It is AMAZING!! I recommend it for children 12 and over. It's about a girl Vicky who doesn't have very many friends so she makes herself an instagram and photoshops herself into photos and captions most of them #alone and realises that many people feel #alone #ignored.

by Rj Palacio

I recommend this book because it is about a boy who has a Facial disorder and starts his first year in school after being homeschooled by his mother. It teaches children alot about how many kids in the world look and act different and they should be treated the same way as us!

by Gordon Korman

This book was great! We follow Chase Ambrose who loses all his memory when he falls of his roof. The book shows many different point of views and how one person can ruin someone's day. We see the trauma Chase (the bully) has left his victims. But when Chase finds out all the things he's done he immediately changes himself.

Skyclans Destiny
by Erin Hunter

In this super edition we get to see a story arch from the leader of the lost clan, Skyclan. We follow Leafstar Skyclan leader make decisions for Skyclan and always being unsure and uncomfortable because she does not know if she is making the right decisions, because she can't ask the other clans. Leafstar begins to question the fate of her clan and she wonders if they will be able to survive being on their own. In the end Leafstar gains confidence and states that Skyclan is here to stay.

Bravelands Broken Pride
by Erin Hunter

A great beginning to a new series by Erin Hunter with relatable characters and enjoyable point of views. This book is great for kids or young adults. Our main character is Fearless, a lion raised by Baboons who tries to avenge his father's death from the ruthless Titan.

by Gordon Korman

I read this book for a school reading assignment and it shows how easily people can change.

Bravelands Code Of Honor
by Erin Hunter

This book kept me up all night. We follow our three main characters Fearless the lion, Thorn the baboon, and Sky the elephant. Fearless is trying to take his pride back from the tyrant, Titan. Thorn is trying to become a highleaf so he can be with his love Berry. Sky is confused because she can read the bones of elephants like all elephants but she can also see the bones of other animals as well. We follow these characters as they try to survive when all the animals code of bravelands has been been broken. The code is; only kill to survive. So with Bravelands in a time of peril we follow our three heroes to try and bring back the peace.

Warriors River Of Fire Book
by Erin Hunter

The 5th book of a Visons of Shadows left you waiting for the final book of the Visions of Shadows series. With Rowanstar dying it leaves Shadowclan hopeless of becoming a clan again and for all the former Shadowclan members stuck with Skyclan. But in the last chapter of the book we see the intensity of the book series. We see Tigerheart and Dovewing return from where ever they were from, when they ran away from the clans. But with Tigerheart dead and dovewings kits, Puddleshine the former Shadowclan medicine cat rushed Tigerheart to the moon pool where he gets nine lives becomes Tigerstar and becomes the new leader of Shadowclan. Now in the 6th book we must wait to see the tensions arise agains Shadowclan and Skyclan since Shadowclan gave Skyclan all of their territory. Also many cats are on the fence about Tigerstar becoming leader after what happed with Tigerstars grandfather Tigerstar who was evil. Now the clans are skeptical if Tigerstar is going to be like his grandfather

Warrior Cats Darkest Night
by Erin Hunter

The book brings back memory lane from the dawn of the clans book series. We finally get to see the four clans; Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan and Riverclan reunite with the forgotten clan. When Skyclan joins the other clans it brings in many tensions among the clans, and with Skyclan joining the clans Shadowclan gives up territory and joins Skyclan. Now our main character Alderheart is anxious and upset with Starclan (Heaven) for not being more clear on the prophecy. Because with Shadowclan joining Skyclan how can there be 5 clans like the prophecy stated? The books by Erin Hunter are always so interesting and they make you feel connected with the characters as always. The books make you feel bad for the characters sometimes to, Like when Twigpaw had to leave her Sister and Father because she wasn't happen in the Skyclan camp and missed Thunderclan. The books amazing as always and always make you feel in tune with the characters.

by Matthew Dunn

The book "Slingshot" by Matthew Dunn was a very good read for me over the summer. The plot was well put together, and the ending was one of the best endings I've ever read. The book was filled with action and suspense, throwing you off your predicitions ever which moment. I definitely would recommend this book.
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